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Test SIgnature

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Another test picture

I guess this would be too big for signature.

It's a real bear chewing on one of my carvings. It wasn't even smoked !

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Another test

Maybe better size for signature:

Yup, this one isn't as loud, as long as people can still see the real bear is chewing on my carving.

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Looks good and what a neat picture. You do excellent work.
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Awesome picture bearcarver....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif:PDT_Armataz_01_3 7:
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Thought it was his girlfriend........
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Thanks guys,
I made that little cub for a buddy of mine. He put it in a tree at his house/cabin in Potter County, PA. He said it was the second time it was attacked, but the first time he had a camera handy. He said he had to putty & touch up the teeth & claw marks. Two of the bites in the shoulder were more than 1/2" deep!
That particular bear was made of poplar, which is considered a soft hard wood. Most of my bears are pine. I guess it's a good thing that one isn't pine!

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lol i know who did it
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