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How do all of you gassers stop your chunks from catching ablaze, when smoking at high temps.
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It depends on your definition of high temp? I smoke at about 230 or so not much higher then that. You can keep the high temp stuff with Le and his Uds. The next thing is I use chunks and chips in my chip pan so they don't caught fire. I have left my smoker for a few minutes and it got to 300 and the chips never caught fire so I don't know exactly wht your problem is. Do you have a chip pan?
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I had my GOSM around 325 while smoking a whole turkey. What I did was just wrap the chunks in aluminum foil. I was just wondering if there was any other way.
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When I do higher temp smokes on my GOSM I wrap my wood chunks in foil, poke a small hole and then put into my chip box - I found a bigger cast iron box and replaced the one that came with the unit. This seems to work fine.
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My only fire (knock on wood). I believe I overloaded the chip box. I then went with the coffee can mod and have not had a fire since. I have also wrapped the can in foil on several occaasions to try it. Not sure if it made a difference or not. No fires either way.
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i put dry chunks on top of coals in my gasser and haven't started a fire yet.......o you use a drip pan?

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