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I built my removable lid UDS upside down which makes the drum open on both ends. Not having a bottom in it makes it MUCH easier to burn the liner off with the weed burner, and do the final sanding, brushing to clean it up.

Pictures and how I built mine here:

Hope this helps.

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That is a nice tricked out smoker you've built Jerry, and a well explained build blog as well.

I've bookmarked that for reference when I build my own.
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hes not kidding i had two very hot fires in mine, barrel was glowing red and the red liner was still there so i bought grinder and abrasive discs and the real firm type wire wheels and got it of, what a pain it was.
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Glad I read this, I'll be looking for a clean one.
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You will be MUCH happier that way. biggrin.gif

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yes i would pay more for one with no liner next time, but heck now i have a grinder i have been wanting.
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So I got the smoker done and have cooked on it two times now. WOW...what a difference it makes. I feel like I am doing something wrong with the minimal effort to keep the heat in a set temp range. With my little cheapo verticle water smoker I was hovering over it trying to get the set temp for more than 15 minutes. Now I actually have to do yard work to pass the time while the drum is cooking.
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I just bought a new barrel. More than I wanted to shell out but I don't have all the headache, just spray and burn!
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Now your talking!
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