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Buttermilk Drummetts.

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A little market here in town have these drummetts that they got in by mistake so he sold them to me for $.99 a lb. This is the 3rd time doing these. Have done them every weekend so far. I did the 3rd ones last weekend but just now getting to post them. I brined in buttermilk and some of my rub. Pulled them out and coated in rub. Smoked with Hickory and pecan. Smoked at 260 for about a hour. Pulled them and finished on the grill after tossing with some sauce.

Here they are in the brine

Here they are coming out of the smoker

Didnt get a shot of them after the sauce and sear. But this had to be the best batch yet.

Thanks for looking.
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Looks very good and thanks for a easy to make recipe !!!
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no problem. Its a great simple thing for football
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They look great !
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Those look awesome. Did my first wings in the smoker today and now I'm hooked. .99/lb is a great price!!!

Was their salt in that brine or just buttermilk and rub?
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There is salt in my rub so I didnt add any beyond that.

$.99 is a steal. The guy told me if I buy a case he will give me a better deal then that.
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Nice Brian, I paid .99 the last time also. They look just like I like them.

I just got a flier for next week from Krogers, 1.99. No thanks, what the heck do they think they are selling? You can find many things better than wings for less than 1.99 a pound.

Must be the football season that's jacking the prices up.
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Looks great Brian. Congratulations on a successful smoke!
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Look Great, Congratulations...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks guys. I wish I had some of these today to snack on while the ribs are on the TBS train.
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you can't find chicken wings let alone drummies for less than $2.19 a pound around here. ground beef is cheaper.

once again, The Man knows my weakness and he is keeping me down. damn the man.
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good job Brian one of my favs. bird legsPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great price on some great munching! Look really good, and congratulations on the score.
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Tasty looking snack, and love that buttermilk brine! That rub you sent us to use at the Gathering was very tasty. Thank you for sharing that with the group!

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