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I understand the cilantro thing...folks either love it or hate it. My dad couldn't stand the smell of it much less the taste. Look at me...go figure.

The good thing about my plan to pressure can this salsa is that the pressure canning will cook out a lot of the heat from the chiles and really mellow everything out, including the cilantro. It will end being almost an afterthough of a taste, I think.

Uncooked, this salsa is Hell-Hot and Devilly! tongue.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gifLooking awesome so far

Man I cant wait to try this my self

Started some Jalapenos, Serranos,& Cayennnes steeping this morning
Waiting 4 weeks is gonna kill me
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Devil's Finest!

Wow, this turned out to be the best salsa I've made yet!

After pureeing the steeped chiles, I mixed the slurry with the chopped fresh ingredients and all the canned goods, plus all the spices-

In addition, I added 4 teaspoons citric acid to the batch to ensure the proper acid level to prevent food-borne pathogens. A must-have when I'm going to share this with others... Food safety is nothing to take casually.

The raw salsa was fiery hot, devilshly good, but whew! My plan is to mellow it out by the pressure canning process, cooking it as well as adding another level of canning-safety over the water bath. Here we are ready to go into the pressure vessel-

And canning at 10LBS pressure for 35 minutes....

Then the first load is done, and cooling off for 24 hrs undisturbed. Ended up with 24 pints total....

Here's the cooked salsa nekkid- right out of a hot jar. Real rich color, nicely cooked down chiles, and a real mellow smell....

Here wo go with an Aztec chip dipped in it. Outstanding! Everything melded together nicely, nothing overpowering, not even the heat. Satan's Salsa is definitely for chiliheads~ I didn't break out in sweat, and I didn't need anything to quench the fire. Just a rich, layered tingle in the mouth that said "this is a really good sauce"!

Thanks for looking and I'll be glad to PM the recipe if you want.
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that looks like some good salsa......raw and cooked! (and i just don't give out compliments for salsa)
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Awesome Finished Product Rivet
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I always thought my fresh cilantro was more plastic like.Since sis wins tons of salsa comps i have developed a wee bit of tolerance for it.Just not my thing.

Looks dynamite RIVET/John.Thanks for this postpoints.gif
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outstanding salsa, john ~ it looks great and i can ALMOST taste it through the screen ~ points.gif
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Man that loook really good - Expect a PM from me for that one
Thanks for posting
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Hey you all,

I appreciate the good words and interest! Thanks PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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I had to come a post this review John.
Finally remembered to gibe my BIL some of your salsa, first reaction was to the smell, eyes got wide and he just gave out an extremely impressed WOW!
Then he tasted it and loved it sooooo much I wish I had it on video because it is hard to express how much he loved it in text.
He did though, I mean he kept eating it giving little Mmmm and moans and kept saying "this is amazing" and "this is the best salsa I have ever had" "I LOVE this" and such so needless to say he absolutely loved it so I had to share his review and send you his many, many grateful thanks for the salsa.
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Well, wow and very welcome!~ That's what we cook for isn't it? Thank you very much for your feedback and tell your brother-in-law I got another jar in the basement for him if he wants it. Have several doin' shelf-time tests.
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