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Lang in FL for $600

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If I didn't have a newborn to spend money on I would be all over this one.(bet he would take $400)
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Fla. Lang

Wow, $500 for that is a buy. Why is the fire box and the end and stack so rusted? Is this from running to high of temps in the box?
or just exsposur to the elements?
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I dont' know, it's not mine...We do have some pretty intense sun in Florida.
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He may have had a hot fire in it but as thick as that metal is its just cosmetic. Guess its a good thing I'm not home or my wife might be giving me the evil eye when I brought home another Lang biggrin.gif Thats a heck of a buy
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Anyone want to buy 2 surfboards and a speargun for $500???
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Not much surfing or spearfishing here in Kansas...icon_mrgreen.gif
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