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It's not my BD... but I got a new toy

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UPS just dropped off my new grinder, and I'm about to start smoking some chicken quarters. Once I get the chixs in the smoker, I'll rinse the grinder and start reading. Looks like another learning curve for this old dog. Bear with me folks, it may be a bumpy ride to sausageville.
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Congratulations Rich, Looks nice and shiny, Have fun with your new toy...
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Dude!!!! Nice! Sausageville sounds like a great place to be headed! LOLOL!!!!!

The rest of the folks here who have experience will keep you on the straight and narrow, but then, you already knew that...heh-heh-heh.

Have fun with the new toy!

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You are gonna love it! It opens up a whole new world of smoking meat, I LOVE making my own sausage, I shoot tons of geese and turn them all into sausage. Great stuff, speaking of stuff that is what you want next, a stuffer.
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PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifVery Nice - don't ya just love gettin a toy when it ain't your birthday! Enjoy
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Congrats I enjoy making sausage and I'm sure you will too!!
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Congrats Rich.
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Congratulations, Rich! Didn't see a guard on that pan, tho... make sure you keep your fingers out of it! I've known many 2 fingered meatcutters, not the honor you want to have!
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Happy non-B-day, Rich....looks like a nice peice of equipment.
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