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Butts Takin Forever

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Put 2 Butts in last nite at 7. One was 4.7 and the other was 7.9. Smoker temp is running at 225- 250 and am still only at 179 even moved the thermometer 4 times to check. They stalled at 169 for almost 3 hours
Guess I am going to work a little later than I planned
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really? mine are done by 8 hrs.
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I really don't know what happened on these. Mine usually take 1.5 avg per pound but these are killing me
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meh....work can wait!
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smoked food is more important than work, isn't it?
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I agree 100% but my boss and the govt agencies I design security for have other ideas. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Yep the plateau stall. Mine actually stalled a couple times yesterday. Have another beer and wait it out. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Yeah, but that's what they make sick leave for. You sound like you are getitng a little sick, haha
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Just posted my out of office in an off site meeting on my email
Luckily I can do most of what I do from home
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You could probably foil them and make them hurry if you need to just add a good spritz when foiling and they should finish much faster
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That's one benefit of foiling/panning 'em up. It does speed things up towards the end...getting from 180* to 205* can seem to take an eternity without foiling, and helps to keep alot of moisture in the meat, too.

Sounds like you'll be able to do what you need to do there, that's a cool deal.


Edit: you beat me to it Jerry...LOL! Got some distractions here.
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Might just do that - finally just hit 192 - it is so strange how one batch will take forever. Temp over nite was in the high 50's so that should not have made a difference
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Thats the biggest reason I laugh when people tell me they cook by time and not temps. Theres just way to much difference in the same cuts of meat even the same size. Glad to hear your getting close to being done enjoy it. Send some of that cool weather down here we're in the 90's again mad.gif
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Just pulled them to foil - the both literally fell apart pulling them off the racks - the instant read shows them at 193 so the ET73 was OK
I am just going to foil and cooler them and be done - tastes good to
Pics to follow
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Cool yea if the bone slides out easy they are done PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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This is the only shot I got of them - the camera battery went dead LOL

They are litterally falling apart done - I do like the injection also - kept them very moist

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looks great!
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I guess we did OK. The bride and her mom came by and wanted to sit down and eat the both of them on the spot -LOL

Now its time for the nuts and the smoked mozzarella
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Been there a couple times myself...maybe a couple times too many. I started using my Razr cell phone cam for the past couple weeks, and battery life is never an issue...no flash though, so light up the night when you need to.

Looks mighty tender, my friend...and that bark...I likey...very good smoke!

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looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!
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