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how do I fined ham threads?

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Im in the pork section, & I ve even entered ham in the search area, but I can't seem to find much if anything on smoking ham? Any help would be appreciated
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Do you want to re-smoke an already made ham, or do you want to create a ham from fresh pork?
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What fer you lookith?PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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You will fine some threads about hams in the pork section.The only thing you have to do if you have a question is post it in the pork section. It all comes here first but it will also be in the pork section. So just reply to this thread and post your question and one of us will answer it for you.
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Here is a pre-cooked ham I did the other day. Pre-cooked take to 160°, I did not foil just smoked it.
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