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2 racks of spares qview

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a trip my state fair found me heading home with a new green mountain grill, pellet grill like traeger. wasn't planning on buying one for a few months but that fair deal was to good to pass up.
first cook was ribeye steaks followed the next day by two racks of spare ribs. i trimmed one kc style and saved one skirt to smoke another day.
3-2-1 cook method, maybe should have gone 2-2-1 but they were still darn good.

ready to go

wrap time

after the wrap

ready to eat!

served up with bread and sweet tater
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Perfect, nice job.points.gif
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Looks great !!!
Any pics of the new Green Mountain Grill?
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thanks guys! mossymo i never even thought to get one, i'll have to snap one later since it's to dark out now.
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You have inspired me to do some slabs!
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I like the caramel color on the surface of the ribs. Looks like your smoke ring went through the meat too. Great job. Thanks for the q-views.
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thanks poi dog, i was pleasantly surprised with that thorough smoke ring!
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Those ribs look awesome and tastey too. You did a fine job and the smoke ring is very promanent too. I also like the colora nice burgandy color. Did you srve then with a sauce or anything I hope and they look like you didn't have to serve them with anything at all. We used to put bbq sauce on almost all of my grilling food but now that we smoke alot more I haven't made a bbq sauce in a month or so. we are getting alotof flavor from the smoker.
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Great looking ribs! Perfect color. Made me drool already this morning.biggrin.gif
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Great looking ribs, the color is perfect, looks like it had good smoke penetration, they look good enough to use in a BBQ Rib Magazine Presentation...points.gif
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thanks for all the comments, mballi i always have suace in case but it wasn't even brought out, they definitely didn't need it. due in part from all the advice i've gotten here.
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wow those are the perfect looking ribs, i am tired of the blackened ribs that mine turnout as, even though they are good i want to make them like the ones you did. Guess you do have to foil them to get that good look to them?
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thanks pand, i don't have a lot of exp. to give real informed advice but what i have found is the 3 2 1 method is great, but it's not always a solid 3hr 2hr 1hr scheme in that exp. as well what i've been doing is spritzing with apple juice and rum mixture but not exactly on the hour as i like to keep the temp steady in trying to keep minimum cook times and i give it a heavy douse when wrapping in foil(for good or bad), and the last two rib cooks i've done, i've only mopped the ribs once or twice with sauce in the last hour or so after unwrapping, but i've been getting great smoke into my meat lately.
anyway, that was my process on these and have been my best ribs yet, sometime(maybe nexttime) i'm gonna try lightly mopping with sauce like ten minutes before i wrap.
comments anybody? i don't want to give out bad advice as i still consider myself a newb.
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Fantastic job on those ribs pid!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
You definately deserve points for that smoke!!!! points.gif
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I noticed that myself. Lower initial starting temps, and especially if it's prolonged, seem to promote smoke penetration. I've found that tossing the meat on when it's just above freezing will pound that smoke a bit deeper as well. Whatever it was that you did with it worked out very well.

It sounds like with her maiden run and this nice round, you won't have a GREEN Mountain very long...she'll be another well seasoned good ol' combo cooker before you know it!

Keep it two get along great!!! points.gif

Thanks for sharing.

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Those look fantastic! Bet they tasted even better.
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Man those look me for my time you cook some send some of those to KY
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Those Ribs look greatpoints.gifI have been researching the pellet smoker grills. Interested to get a review on your new rig.
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