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13# bone in Shoulder

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So I put my shoulder in the smoker today at 1500, rubbbed with Jeff's and smoked with 30% sugar maple/70% mesquite. Well it is now 0013 and I am sitting at 201 and I am thinking how the hell is this possible. Used two different thermos(tested) and they are reading the same thing, even stuck in different parts of the meat, within 2-3 degrees.

I was wondering how fast you have had a bone in butt/shoulder get done.


Will post qview when it comes out and pulled
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sometimes you get lucky and have a piece cook faster. If you grab the bone will it pull out easy? If so your prob good to go.
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Well she just got pulled out of the smoker with temps ranging from 203-206 in 4 different spots. I think that if I would have known that it was only going to take 10 hours I probably would have started later.......oh well..

qview to come in about 2 hours
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thank god for coolers
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Be glad for I have had one take 16-17 hours before. Thats why we say to leave yourself plenty of time because you can always double wrap it with foil and in the cooler with it with some towels. It can stay in the cooler for awhile. I have had a butt in a cooler for 4-5 hours and the center will still burn you when you grab it to pull. Sorry and to bad that the piece of meat don't come with a tag that says ot will take this long to smoke it. Happy Smoking.
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You had the Smoke Force with you...(from Starwars)

I can bet one thing, in that time you sure wasn't using a Bradley SmokerPDT_Armataz_01_33.gif...icon_mrgreen.gif
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OK here is the qview:

Zoe wanted to try

She got done with one bowl and said "Daddy more please" Talk about a happy Daddy

Some ABT
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Was using my old GOSM that my dad passed to me as he wasn't using it
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