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hey guys since im new to the threads i kinda want to get to know what everyones preferences of rubs are...i just use the mckormicks sweet and smokey rub..ya know the one that comes in the little plastic jar...ive been told numerous times that "its the best ribs, or pulled pork that ive ever tasted"blah blah sure you all have heard it but i kinda want to throw in some variety and not get bored with the same great tasting food....ive read about jeffs rub, and magic dust...(i would like to find out if you can buy that or if there is a recipe floating around on the boards) what is it that you guys like...

thanks and happy smoking
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magic dust:
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I make my own rub. But have heard that magic dust is good and that Jeff's rub is good.
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I make my own too. Here is the recipe.
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I make my own sometimes and I use some store bought ones too like Butt rub is good and ole country boy and the best store bought is by Old Bay rub the best yet that I have tried. I also have jeff's rub and sauce from here so you should help out the site and get jeff's rub too.
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I usually use a modified Jeffs or MDM Rib Rub. Sometime Bad Byrons for Butts.
Another good commercial rub is Durkee's Chicken and Rib Rub.
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I make my own rubs, depends on the meat, what I am trying to accomplish, etc. The one I am making now has almost no salt, and is sweet, and has a nice heat level.
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As a Wings fan...oh hell..never mind.
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Try Jeff's rub, from there you can tweak it to satisfy yuour taste buds. Whatever blows your taste buds. It's all good my friend.
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