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This is what you are looking for if it helps any.

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Brother, you're not alone icon_smile.gif .

Makers Mark
George ****el
Ancient Age
Woodford (special occasion)

My daily (although not daily) drinker has been Seagrams VO for as long as I've been legal though
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Until she passed away, my grandmother downed 3 fingers of Old Crow (purchased in half gallon bottles.....at least 30 miles from home) every day at bedtime.

For me, if its bourbon, Makers Mark, Knob Creek or Crown if it's neat. If some heathen is going to mix it, they get Jim Beam.

I also have 6 different Irish Whiskeys and you can't go wrong with Black Bush.

Then there are the tequilas........icon_rolleyes.gif
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I Have tried some mighty fine bourbon and list them as i like them from good to ALL TIME BEST!

Old Crow
Buffalo Trace
Eligha Craig (9year)
Knob Creek
Wild Turkey
Eligha Craig (18 year)
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Makers Mark
Ridgemont Reserve
Woodsford Reserve
and the BEST OF ALL TIME BOURBON is.......

Awesome Taste and Sooo Smooth
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Also from Bardstown, my favorites

Four Roses single barrell
Four Roses small batch
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W.L Weller is the one for me, but Evan Williams is easier on the wallet and does not taste like cheap bourbon.
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whats up I live just north of u in bullitt county. I see you know your bourbon

Im a big fan of knob creek but my all time favorite would have to be Wild Turkey 101. the fact that you listed Elijah Craig show's you got some class that has to be one of the smoothest bourbons in all of Kentucky.
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Do they sell Jim Beam 7 year old anywhere else in the country besides here in Tennessee? I've been to several other states but none of them sell it. Guess it's because of Jack Daniels No.7. Anyways, I drink Jim 7 year old.
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Bulliet Bourbon and Buffalo Trace for me.
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I only drink Bourbon when I'm in the US. Back here I typically drink Forty Creek Canadian Whisky. It's a local distillery and has great reviews.
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We have it here in NC as well.
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I guess we're two of the few...lolicon_smile.gif
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jack daniels is not a bourbon -because-its not distilled in kentucky...
bourbons must be distilled in kentucky--by law--

the corn percentage is not a factor....

i do not buy jack daniels--tastes good but overpriced....
when they went to the girlie and sweetie side by dropping the proof to
80---they lost a customer

like to be real champagne--
it must be from a certain region in france....

bottled in bond is still readily available---that means its certified 100 proof..

i drink a lot of it.....

I M O bourbon has to be 90 proof to do the job.....

i purchase a lot of 1843--100 proof taste good---
and when im short of money 100 proof evan williams---
not for the taste--but for the octane

im sorry to say--price is a big consideration

when i treat myself its george ****el or makers markPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I've been groovin on the Wild Turkey as of lately. Otherwise it's Jim Beam.

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Slim.....great collection you have going! I'm jealous! You are in the Bourbon capitol! Do you attend the festival every year?

I have on hand now:
Knob Creek
Buffalo Trace
Wild Turkey

Also have some Beam and JD too....they were gifts. Don't really care for JD.(I know...not bourbon anyway)

Bourbon does NOT have to be made in Kentucky.
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Makers Mark

Wiser's Deluxe PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey, not to much Burbon up here unless it is imported but we have our Rye Whisky, same thing just made from rye or different grain blends instead of corn.

I do have a bottle of JD, it is ok, but it makes a fine BBQ sause.

for Ryes my #1 is Alberta springs 25year , #2 Crown Royal 11 year, #3 Gibsons finest 12 year.thats all I have right now but I am always trying different ones. there is the old stand byes, Black velvet, Canadian Club, 5 star, ect..

one thing I didn't relize untill reciently is the US rules for Rye are different than the Canadian rules for Rye. in the US there is a minimum amount of Rye that must be used to be called rye whisky. In canada it must also be aged for a min of 3 years, so there is a lot of rye's in the US that cannot be sold as Rye whisky in Canada.

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elmer t. lee
knob creek

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it is hard to beat good corn in the back woods of ms.lolPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I don't drink much hard liquor any more. I might buy 2 bottles a year of bourbon. I usually get Rebel Yell or Wild Turkey.
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