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here we go

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Just put on my first brisket. Temp got away from me but I will keep an eye on it. wish me luck
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We really do need to see some pictures of your brisket. I'm sure if the temps got a bit high at the outset that it won't hurt anything. Good luck on the rest of the smoke.
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Yes you know if there's no Qview it doesn't happen so you better get on the Q. So you have your first brisket on ok now you have to keep us all abreast of what happens and if you have a question just ask and we will answer it.
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Tell us more

Curious minds wnat to know, rub, spritz, size, pulled or sliced and of course some good luck just keep it steady and dont worry about the stall, my first one
I actually had what I think were 2. But it turned out great.
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Noon time. Been on since 6:30 am. I have been mopping it every hour. I add a little lump to keep it at temp. I am out looking at the temp every ten minutes. I am now going to get a beer and wait for football to start.
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