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freezing brine

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hi folks,
i was just wandering if unused brine can be frozen and reused.
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UMM For safety sake I will side with no it is just not worth the risk
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I would just make it fresh as needed. Why waste the freezer space? Do not reuse brine, ever.
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In just one word NO Thats not a good thing to do, You want to get rid of that stuff quickly.
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I guess it would depend on the amount of salt in the brine, might not want to freeze but as others say, why not just make it fresh, the time it takes to make a brine and cool it would still be quicker than thawing out a batch.
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When you wrote "unused" did you mean that the meat had not been IN it yet?

If you made the brine fresh and there has been no meat in it, I suppose there is no problem with that, and should be fine.

If the brine has had ANY sort of muscle meat in it, to include a spoon or mixer that has been in contact with the meat, then no. Discard that and make fresh.

Food-safety is critical.
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