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Lightly smoked Mozzarella

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Did another Mozzarella smoke this weekend - here we are going into the smoker after sitting out for a couple of hours to get a nice skin on the outside
just out of the smoker 001.jpg

. Here it is with a light smoke - might go an extra 10 min next time

Mozarella and mixed nuts just out of the smoker 001.jpg



EDIT - Now that I have the A MAZ N SMOKER - I no longer use any heat in the smoker

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Nice looking Mozz, been a while since I smoked any cheese.
Now that the cooler weather has arrived I need to get on it. Never tried mozz, a few other kinds but not mozz. Definitely need to, and if I can get ahold of buffalo mozz that would be great!
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These were from Costco and come two long ones to a package - I cut them in half to get more smoke on them - make sure to let them sit out for a bit to get a skin on the outside or all the moisture comes out in the smoke
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never smoked cheese...........need to get the meat stuff down first.
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Ya also gotta stick a pan of mixed nuts in with your next smoke - I just took a 1" deep 8 X 10 foil pan and poked a bazillion holes in it and stuck in with the rest of the smoke - took them out after about 1 1/2 hours - rock star good
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That's a really great tip, glad you mentioned it because if not I may very well have just tossed a wet slab of cheese in the smoker and that wouldn't have been very good.
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Looks great.We did some fresh garden tomatoes with mozz melted on top for appetizers at our catering gig this weekend....will hit them with a light smoke next time....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks delicious, I've smoked Mozzarella before and loved it but not had any for a long time, thats another thing to get done this weekend then ;)

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Looks Nice...
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