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not sure where to put this so move it if it needs to be moved........

anyone use these..........

been using the "good one" and have had good results but i started using the "ono" once going cuz it come in BIG-azz chunks that are great for the minion method in my gasser.........
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never used either.
PS - you're using the minion method in your gasser?
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yup......i never could abide by the rules.
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Hawaiian tradition?
What does that mean when it comes to lump?
Would be neat if it were made from coconut.
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Yoko Ono makes charcoal now?

Lump-lump-lump-lump will do, Just one lump-lump will do.
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Hey Chef,

Just checked and the Naked whiz has reviewed both of those charcoals. Check out his website:

Ono Charcoal (and he seconds the "BIG-Azz chunks" that you spoke of):

The Good One:
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thx for the links! i agree on some points but not on all........i got pops and sparks from the good one and a long burn from the ono.........together i got the results i was looking for.
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i want to buy this machine

please tell me how much cost this machine

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When is lump charcoal ready to be used ie; does a gray ash form on the lump then its ready? I'm not sure when the lump is ready to provide for smoking? Thanks.

Stu Hopper aka seadog

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