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Early Fall Veggie Garden Pics

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I have 4 season garden,so some of Fall.

Brocolli on left-brussels sprout on right

Brussels just starting to form


For tonites smoked turkey soup

Beets-i like greens as much as fruit

50 feet of snow peas on same fence i grew them on in spring

Leeks-planted late may

Cabbage doing o.k.

Still have some beans in the gourd patch


Herb garden still ok

Pumpkin going downmad.gif

Well fed garden cat-astro-he is not pregnaent-LOL

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Thats is quite a garden you have there Alex. A real farmer John aren't you.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI could just stay there and eat dinner forever.
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Very nice garden you got there. We try to grow one in Summer in a 40 X 60 enclosure ( or the rabbits get to them ) but I travel every other week so its to hard to manage - One more year til I retire and can do this too
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Hmm, a 4 season garden in your location. PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
I was going to ask if you grew Snow pea's in the Winter season, but see you already do them for the fall. So what is the Winter garden?
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i would love to have some space and a little less harsher the leeks!
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Leeks grow all winter,onion sets i plant soon i pick all winter.Planting garlic in november with shallots.

Mainly onion,leeks, and brussels grow all winter-some herbs..

Shabby winter garden,but it does produce some veggies....
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Great looking cool season veggies you have going Alex.
I'm only doing a small one this year with kohlrabi, spinach and leaf lettuce and some garlic when I get around to it.
You gonna carve up that pumpkin and make a few pies or a jack-o-lantern out of it?
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Carving this one jim.My pie pumpkins got the powdery mildew early....

Time to solarize the soil and move the vine crops a bit....
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Looks Great ALX...
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