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Jeffs sauce

The rub recipe alone is worth it. Theres no reason to kiss arse all of the posts are free. It helps the site to operate. Yeee haaa.
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I agree with everyone above, it's great and well worth it. It's a great base to tweak. My wife was not one to want BBQ all too often, in fact I almost screwed the pooch by making it way to often for awhile. Then I tweaked Jeff's sauce recipe to what I knew she would like, now I can't BBQ enough!
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I bought both and I love them both!! My wife is not a big bar-b-que person but she absolutely loves the sauce. We went to a rib cook-off last month and tried ribs. I'm not bragging but mine tasted better than theirs, but it's in the sauce and rub. Of course all the help I've gotten here also makes it fool-proof!

If nothing else, the money supports this site, and the FREE help I get from everyone on here is priceless to me.
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Hey Napalm...

I'll give you a hint on the rub...the HEAT doesn't come from Napalm! LOL Couldn't resist. Enjoy the recipe. It's great on the pork/beef/chicken I've tried it on. So far no complaints from my guests either. The sauce is fantastic too.

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Just ordered the rub and the sauce yesterday. Yeah they both look really good, especially the sauce. Is it worth it, yeah I would say it is. Like allot of folks on here, you have a really good base to work with and can add other spices ect that you know you like. Personally, I am going to try the rub just the way it is, it looks good and can not wait to mix up the sauce. Besides, Im sure its not cheap to run a site like this so its kind of saying thanks for giving us a well stocked forum. Just my opinion.biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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First let me confess: When I originally saw the "you can buy my rub recipe" page I thought "Yeah right, a sucker is born every day but it's not going to be me." I mean with all the info out there on the web and the info on this site why would I need to "Buy" a rub recipe.

Time went by and I saw this thread. I had already become a paid site member to help support the effort (great site) and thought why not buy the Rub for the same reason.

Bought the Rib Rub Recipe - mixed it according to the directions - smoked some chicken with it and all I can say is WOW!!!!!! No lie, best chicken I've ever had. Son now wants me to compete (that from him is a testament in and of itself). That was the most bang-for-the-buck cooking purchase I've made. Just got some of the chicken out of the frig - was going to take a nibble before I reheated - couldn't stop nibbling to reheat. Man this is some good chicken.

So yeah, I recommend the purchase for the product, site support is the bonus.
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