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New Toy

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Finally broke down and bought a stuffer. Been using my grinder as a stuffer. Someone said on here you can see the difference in a sausage stuffed from a grinder and that from a stuffer. I know it should be a lot easier stuffing with this.

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Congrats, you will very happy with it.
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congrats 13, what ya going to stuff tonight?
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Awesome Steve!!!!I still use my kitchen-aide attachment grinder and have been dying last few years for a stuffer....

No later then Christmasbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Thanks. No stuffing tonight. Packing for Dallas. Next one will be Seafood Boudin....

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now that looks good!
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Congrats on the new stuffer and dinner sure looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man thats a nice stuffer and your grinder looks mighty serious too you could grind up a pile of stuff with that. Man that boudin looks awesome and seafood too. Your my new hero cajun PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Veru nice - I too am using my Kitchen Aid and looking for a stuffer
That one looks great - Congrats
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Nice setup, should be set to go now...
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Congrats on the new toy..............
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I think you will like the stuffer way better than stuffing with the grinder.

On the Seafood Boudin......I hope you made enough for everybody. We're coming for supper!


Looking at that LEM stuffer, it looks a lot like some others I've seen. Something tells me there are only a handful of companies making these things, but a whole lot selling them. I don't know how one could find out if the LEM is the same stuffer as Northern Tool and Sausage Maker's smaller machines (not the all stainless versions) but it would be good to know who has the same machines, so you can buy on price knowing the stuffer is the same thing.
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