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Chix Thighs and Wings Help

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Got some thighs and wings sitting in Shooter Ricks rub
Plan to take the thighs to 170. My SmokinTex has a max of 250 and I am thinking I am looking at about 2 hours. I have looked thru several posts and am confused on time for the wings - seen some at 40 min and others at 3 hours. Anyone have experience at this temp
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with any poultry time is just an estimate......always use a thermometer or a visual (cut it open).
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I 100 % agree - I am just looking for an approximation on time so I can do some time management
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LOL! you want to manage time on sunday? everyone's smokers are different and the amount you load it with will effect it, but IF the thighs are done in 2hrs the wings should be done in 1hr...........aprx.
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Somethin I found out about chicken. I had some wings that I had smoked and thought they were done. I pulled them out and found them to be just a little underdone and I had to leave the house for a few hours. I put them in a foil pan and covered them with foil real tight and put them back in the smoker at 225. I came back thinkin these things would be dry as jerky. Wrong. They were fallin off the bone literally and were excellent. Something I learned by necessity and will use to my advantage again.
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I know - what was I thinking - been gone all week taking care of my mom and trying to test a couple of recipies for a rehersal dinner we are hosting in 2 weeks - Tested a 7 cheese mac and cheese yesterday with our 4H kids and it came out killer.
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it's all in the fat my bruddah!
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gotta love mac-n-chz...
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Chicken on average needs 2 to 2 1/2 hours, depending on your temp of smoker. You'll end up with rubber skin, but can always throw it on a hot grill to crisp them up.

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I have been really lucky with the skin on whole chickens it has been quite good - thanks for the tip on the grill - This is a test run for a rehersal dinner we are hosting
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We always say we smoke by temp not time so use your thermo meter and you'll do just fine or you can cut one open if you tink they aren't done. You can smoke them and then throw them on the regular grill and crisp up the skin but for me I always get some crisp skin in the smoker but Like some here I smoke my chicken at 300-310 or so and it works for us. Happy smoking
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