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Wood Chip Offer

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If anyone is interested.

I am processing about 300 board feet of dried hard maple. Once I am through with it, I should have 60 gallons of planer and jointer chips that I believe could be used for smoking. If anyone is interested, I could pack some in Priority mail large boxes and send it out just for the cost of postage.

Let me know at or by a PT.
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I'm not interested in Maple, but if you every have a Hickory project, mark me down!
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I have been woring with a lot of cherry recently and have chips from the planer and jointer available as well as 3' sticks available to anyone who wants some.  You can either stop by the shop in Archdale, NC to get what you want or I will be happy to fill up a USPS flat rate box with pieces for just the cost of the postage.  Boardsmith at

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I'm Interested how much for 2-3 pound? shipped to 21550 (Maryland)

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wow after almost 3 month and no response I think this tread id DEAD!


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I replied by email and PM to the two inquiries I received with prices for USPS flat rate boxes but no one ever bothered to respond if they would pay the postage or not. Yes, I believe the thread is dead, from a lack of interest.
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so what is the price of a box?

to 21550

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USPS flat rate Priority Mail large box $16.85, medium box $12.35, small box $5.80.

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that sound Like a good price let me talk to my wife... and thanks for responding to my post.

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