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How to Post Qview to SMF.

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Adding Images To The New SMF Format...



Adding images to your post has never been easier.  If you follow these instructions you can add images directly from your computer or from image hosts  like Photobucket...


Prepare your post as usual and insert the images as outlined below.




Open The Reply Box and Type Your Post.



To Insert Images Follow These Instructions...




Next If Uploading From A Site Like Photobucket...




To Upload Directly From Your Computer...




If you have followed these instructions you should now have your images in your posts.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will try to help you.

Edited by Beer-B-Q - 5/28/10 at 2:58pm
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Really nice step by step tutorial. I know that took some time to put together. points.gif for helping out the rookies!
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Great tutorial! Thanks for posting it. I've found photobucket to be one of the best hosting sites there is.
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Thanks for helping. points.gif
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Thats how you resize cool man thanks.
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Great Tutorial, Paul!

I've been wanting to switch from postimage.org/imageshack because the upload speeds are SO SLOW for the past several months. The site has had reliability issues as well (server/gateway errors). And, alot of members here made mention about the thumbnail pics loading rather slow, so this thread got my wheels turnin', and after a PM with RonP, he set me straight on the account memory usage details.

RonP suggested I go to photobucket awhile back and I started an account about 10 days ago so I could start playing around with and see what I can do.

I got a pic resized to 120 x 90 from one of my signature dishes and figured out how to get it to load, so, now I have an Avitar...COOL!!!

Nice work, Paul! Most sincere thanks! points.giffrom me too.

I'll be going with photo bucket now...I'll probably post up some q-view later tonight just for giggles to see how nicely it works out.

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This should be a sticky as the old tutorial has had lots of information deleted from it. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Paul thanks for your hard work on this it has now been made a sticky PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks paul and jerry for making this useful a sticky. This will make it really easy for newbies to post pictures for sure.
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Just so that everyone knows there was another sticky about this but the pictures had been deleted from that former members photobucket so Paul was asked to do this for us.

Thanks Paul
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Glad to have been able to help...
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Piney, Good thinking thanks.

I also think Beer B Que's other tutorial is also deserving of being a sticky.

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For the Newbies among us...
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Picture Size Default

I happen to be partial to Google's Picassa - you think I'll be OK if I stick to resizing images to 640 x 480? If I can avoid learning another app, I will. Thanks in advance.
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What about webshots, how can I post images from there?
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Thanks Paul, another Great Thread to help us Newbies to get involved...
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I believe you have to have a Webshots account to view the images, not sure but I believe only members can access it.

Picassa requires you sign in with a google account so it is not forum friendly in that regard as not everyone has or wants a Google account...

Photobucket is set up for ease of use in forums some of the others are not, you have to be sure that you are set up to allow public viewing of you images...

Photobucket has all the links for you and all you do is cut and paste...

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thanks for the help and is there another place to get photos
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cant get it to work
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For the Newbies among us...
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