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Smoked Flank Steak and Stuff

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Smoked a Flank steak a while back with only Black Cherry and LLMc was looking for a post on this, so I obliged. Here you go bud...

Put them in the marinade for 8 hours before the rub...

ABT Fix'ins

Brought her to 145*. the family wanted it medium. I personally would
bring it to 127/130 med rare. Never piss off the

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Zeek, everything looks fantastic! The abts are cooked perfect and the cold beer is making my mouth water. lol Well done!cool.gifbiggrin.gif
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Oh yeah Zeek, that all looks wonderful PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif. I haven't had flank steak in a while.
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Great job on smoking that flank steak, and everything else looks real tasty too. Congrats.
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is that the same thing as a flat iron steak? If so, I got a bunch of them in the freezer. They were about to expire. So now I'm the proud owner of over 20 lbs of them at 99 cents/lb. I've grilled them and they have been great. Was wondering about smoking them.
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Very jealous right now.Top notch and you got some veggies the veggies......and meatPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That all looks so good, the steak juicy and the ABTs are done to perfection... Definitely an "attaboy" on that smoke...
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WOWthat looks good so good that you have to get some points.giffor all of that. Just totaly awesome there zeeker.
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Great post Zeek.
Everything looks absolutely delicious, Powdered Toast Man was looking on to make sure everything was perfect.
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Looks awesome Zeek, as always. Nice looking smoker you have there.
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Hmmm...after seeing this, I'm gonna look and see if any stores around here carry flanks...don't remember seeing them, but then again I never looked 'cause the wife said they're pretty steep on price for that cut........sigh...still, I gotta look!

Nice smoke!

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Flank steaks (and skirt steaks) out here are generally around $5.99/lb, I can get T-bones & Porterhouses for that price, and NY Strip for almost half that.

A PriceRite store just recently opened here, they had Flank steaks for $2.99/lb, Skirt steaks were also $2.99/lb, Sirloins $1.99/lb and Beef Tenderloins and Boneless Ribeye roasts were $3.99/lb--so I stocked up--the freezer is nearly full!

JDSmith, I could be wrong but think Flat Irons may be from the TriTip? Not positive.

EDIT: The Flat Iron steaks are from the shoulder top blade, I think the upper front of the carcass; the flank steaks are from the lower rear half.
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Awesome !!!!
That looks so good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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