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Corned Beef?

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Hi Guys,

Been thinking about some new ideas for Jerky/Biltong etc, currently make Turkey Jerky and Beef biltong, which I use for when I go fishing or on long journeys.

Meat is pretty expensive over here in the UK so was wondering if anyone had ever gone with any cheaper alternatives for Jerkey, has anyone ever tried Corned Beef for snack stix or anything like that?

Want something I can make big batches up of. Even the cheapest sausage meat is £1.90/$3.05USD for about 0.65 lbs Corned Beef however is about £1/lb

Thanks in advance

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The price is right but it does have more fat in it then I usually use....Try it and let us know how it comes out...Corn beef flates here are close to $4 a lb.
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Sounds like a great idea for jerky, would love to know how well it turns out.
You could always go the route of getting a brisket which is usually cheaper than corned beef (except after St. Patrick's Day) and trim and cure it yourself.
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I too would like to know how it turns out cause I like to corned my own beef. It just seems to taste better to me of course because I corn it is why it tasted better I'm sure. But now jerky out of corned beef sounds interesting alright it would be a differant taste for sure. Maybe PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I got to thinkin about this and if your curing your jerky... aren't you in effect making jerky out of corned beef?
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Exactly you eleminate the first five days of prep...but it might be infused with the CB spices that will still be there after its dried even with your jerky spices...I'm betting it will taste great though
I got a corned beef curing in the frig now , maybe I should slice it and try it
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I vote you slice off a couple nice strips and give it a try. The thing is although we are talking the same process we are talking completely different cuts of meat. Whereas jerky is usually made with a leaner cut such as round... and corned beef is made from the toughest part of the cow.. brisket.
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My only reservations with making jerky out of corned beef is that it may come out really salty. Even with a positive fry test you are removing almost all the water and this will concentrate the salt in the meat.
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Well I'm going to be giving it a go either tonight or tomorrow, will be sure to post up how I do it and how it comes out!

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Good Luck Alex, Let us know how it turns out and don't forget to post plenty of Qview...
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Sorry Guys I got called away on business for a week, going to buy all my supplies on the way home and do this on Saturday when I get back - ready to take with me on my next trip the week after!

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