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Originally Posted by Tom37 View Post

I bet the hot rod deal is making you want to hurry but remember good things come to those who wait, sometimes.

Give it time man, get the rig just right. , get happy with it, have all the ins in place and......let the good times roll. That way its not a rush, and you will enjoy it alot more.

You know it.  Just taking my time. I really don't want this to be wrong. I am fit to be tide though. 


It would be great if you could measure those for me.  What did you use for the frame? Is is 1/8 X 1" angle or did you go with square tube?


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ok. here is an update.


I have to get this done by the 26th of July because I have to cater a fundraiser on the 30th.  




Still a little bit of grinding left then attaching it to the tank.








The door just need a latch and the grate to be finished. I have some 1" rebar and angle iron that will be cut tomorrow.







This is a temporary cart that will be welded to the dome end of the tank to help get it outside and onto the trailer.  I may resort 

to cooking with it off the trailer. But if it doesn't get out of the garage I can't use it at all. 


Thanks for checking back in....




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Rick, mornin'.

Looks like you're just about there. Looking very good......don't forget the temporary license for the trailer to haul it on.....the cops are lookin' for revenue to help balance the budget.

Good luck at the fundraiser !! You will do well......Dave

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Looks great

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Lookin good Rick. Can't wait to see the finished product. And of course some Q.

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Today's update...


Put expanded metal over the air intakes for ember control.  Then did a lot of grinding and cleaning. 




Built the frame to hold the fire grate and ran out of daylight to cut rebar so it will happen Saturday morning.  





Then the minor setback happened.


I have it on casters so I can roll it as needed to grind and work on it.  When I was rolling it back to level it shifted and jumped its caster.

It will be easier to roll out side and burn out tomorrow.  What a day.







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Looking forward to seeing it completed!  Nice job.

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Hopefully nothing bent when it fell over. Looking good so far.

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Friday Night had a burnout to remove some left over paint and tar (I do not know why it had tar painted on).




Satuday was VERY productive...


Legs on trailer...CHECK

damaged pipe holes cut out and coupons welded on...CHECK

put tank ON trailer...CHECK

Lifted tank onto legs....CHECK

Rotate tank to level.....CHECK

Fit and weld on firebox.....CHECK

Passout while eating dinner....zzzzzzzz....check.







weld in drain angle iron and RF plates and cut out the endcap for the gaping hole above the fire

box....I hope.


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Lookin' good Rick..........I'll bet you are gettin' excited to fire up the finished product....Dave

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Thats real nice !!!!!!

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the drip pan angle iron tacked into place....then started the RF plates.









My helper was taking a break...about 10 seconds after this was snapped he passed out and slept for about an hour 

while my Dad and I worked on the doors and the end cap.  I think I have been beating him up pretty good.







The end cap is cut out but need grinding and prep before we weld it in.


We fed mosquito's until about 10pm. Then called it a night.




The doors are welded out and painted. At least that is done.


Thanks for stopping by.



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Dave- Yes I am...I am itching to just put a fire in it to test the temps. I hope Wednesday is the day.


KC- no bends, but I do have a chipped garage floor. :)


Thanks for all the kind words.  When we do the fund raise I will make sure that we document the cooking very well.



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Coming along very nicely Rick.

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Pretty frickin' awesome :)


It does not look like you have an ash door or tray and only a few inches between the grate and firebox floor. Are you at all concerned about ash management on longer cooks and the air intakes getting blocked?

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Originally Posted by LovinSpoonful View Post

Pretty frickin' awesome :)


It does not look like you have an ash door or tray and only a few inches between the grate and firebox floor. Are you at all concerned about ash management on longer cooks and the air intakes getting blocked?


*&^$)#&)$^ ! That's what I forgot to do...


Actually I want to thank you.  I had a plan for ashes and just completely put it out of my mind. I am tending (now must because the doors are done) or a hopper on the bottom with a sliding door, similar to the air intake vents.  OK, that has now been move higher on the list...dang it.



Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Coming along very nicely Rick.

Thanks Scott.  I am shooting for Wednesday to put fire in it for a test run. Maybe Thursday a trial with some ribs....We will have to see.  We had (hard to say this) an unexpected rain storm come through last night. Can you say re-grind...



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Update. Finishing out the welds tonight and tomorrow. Then tomorrow night we take a road trip to the sandblaster...if it will fit in the shed that is. Quick coat of paint then fire on Thursday, then maybe (God willing) first cook Friday night. Saturday is the big event.  So far we 20 roasts preordered.





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Crunch time. Good Luck. Or should I say Good Skill.

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I am completely amazed at the skill of the folks here on SMF. Really looking forward

to the completion and seeing pictures of your event, ya got me hooked...James

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Looking good .yahoo.gif

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