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Cat Sausage

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Really not.

We have 2 cats with finicky guts. and after some research decided to make them raw food. Already had the grinder, so not much of an initial investment. It's almost like making a chicken sausage, but leaving it raw and throwing in a few fortifiers for the cats. It has definitely helped their GI tracts and actually the litter box does not smell as bad!

This is my wife packing it up for the freezer.

And here is some Q VIEW from Sunday!

the football snack, inspired from Vmans and Smokeguys salsa posts, but made from scratch

The appetizer, used some of Jeff's rub in the cream cheese.

The meal consisted of some fresh beets from the neighbors garden, and a stuffed pepper using the Cajun chicken sausage I made (maybe I should give the cats some of that and see what happens!)

The wines are from Trader Joe's
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Sounds like you have a good idea...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

PS: your cats have a good taste in wines...LOL
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Used to have a customer who would have me order in 20lb. boxes of frozen pork livers, beef hearts, tripe and lamb tongues. I'd slice them up on the band saw and break apart into chunks into a lug and let unthaw overnight, then grind once into plastic bags. He'd cook up the mix for his two dogs, cook it down in pots. They were beautiful Irish Setters and I think he spent more on them than he did himself for dinners!

Had another customer at my dad's store that wanted chopped liver for his dog; we'd have to chop it on the cutting block with the cleaver - what a mess it would make! We'd have to hose it off and sanitize the block before we could cut anything else - here's a pic of my dad at the block trimming a chuck neck:

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Ok the homemade cat food threw me for a small loop. Then the snacks brought me back to why we are here. I like the snacks and you have a wine selection also.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I apologize immediately but I thought someone finally found a way to get rid of those pesky farm cats. haha
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AWESOME pic Pops..........
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