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My First Pastrami w/ Q-View (or should it be P-View?)

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Starting with about a 3.75# Bill Bailey's Corned Beef Brisket Flat purchased from Stater Bros, I cold soaked for about 8 hours to get some salt out. I sliced a thin piece, fried it up to test for salt content and was happy.

So, a lot of coarse ground black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder and this is what she looked like:

On to the Traeger 075 with the 3 position switch set on Smoke:

Left it on for ~6 hours, and pulled off for foiling. Internal temp was 150:

Double foiled it and put it back onto the Traeger. Moved switch to Medum Setting and let it go for about an hour. Internal temp was 203 when I took it off:

Let it rest for about 45 minutes (on the cutting board away from the juices) and sliced a couple of slices before putting it into refrigerator, just so I could have a taste and take some pics:

Final result, just the right amount of salt, the black pepper made it a little spicy (in a good way!), and was nice and tender. Can't wait to make some sandwiches later today (it's 5am!)

Thanks for letting me share!

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Looks great Tom, posted this at 5am? Man, that is either really early or really late.
Did you let it rest bare, uncovered? Be careful with letting meat (or anything else) sit out for that long before eating, anywhere between 40-140 degrees you are sitting in the danger zone.
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Man that thing looks awesome and yummy too. We love the pastrami in this house and that hunk you have there sure looks great. Keep it up and Happy smokin. Points on your first of many we all hope.
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Love that strami. Looks great. I would like to make a suggestion to you. When you foil and finish off the strami.... cook it at a much lower temp. You'll find it to be much more tender when you let it cook in the 180 and up range for a longer period of time. Now if your pushed for time.... bring on the heat... but if you have the time..... leave it on that low and slow temp especially in the 180 range. Thats when those connective tissues are really workin on breaking down. Shweeeeeeet!
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Cool. Thanks for the tip. I wasn't really pressed for time, I was just thinking that I needed to get the temp up to get the foil pack starting to steam.
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Very nice Tom. Looks great and I'm sure it tastes great also.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yup. Very tasty indeed! After cooling it down in the refrigerator, I was able to slice it really thin using my Chef's Knife. I took the juices from the foil, added just a little bit of water to it, heated it up and dipped the slices into it to warm up the pastrami before putting it on the toasted bread.

Should have taken a pic of the sandwiches, but was too busy eatin'g them.

Thanks for all the kind replies.
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Very nice looking, I need to do me one.
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I forgot to smoke mine, let me tell you it is SALTY. But I fixed it up on sandwiches and it wasn't bad.
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Looks Great Tom...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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