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MES Baffle Experiment.

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I've been toying with that hot corner issue in the MES. I found a small broiler pan at the thrift store and cut it down to fit in the corner. I directed it so that the heat that wasn't going up through the holes would direct to the middle of the unit. I attached it with one self tapping screw in the top of the smoke tray. The first smoke with it is encouraging. I placed the ET probe on the middle rack about 2 inches from the door in the middle of the rack. During the entire smoke there was no more than 2 degrees difference in the MES internal temp sensor and the ET. Today I'm going to smoke some short ribs and I'm going to place the ET probe in the corner and see how much difference there is.

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Looks like a good job, lat us know how it works...
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When I put the ET probe in the corner the temp was 100 degrees hotter than the MES therm. I laid a piece of heavy gauge metal in the corner over the original baffle I had and it brought it down to about 35 degrees difference. I think it is going to need a heavy gauge deflector that will move the heat more towards the middle. As long as you aren't directly in that corner you seem to be alright but if you have a piece of chicken or an ABT sittin there.... it's gonna be toast.
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Thanks Dave for the experiment. Keep us informed.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Dave what if you used a little heavier material, then kept it solid in the corner and made holes starting about half way out starting with small holes gradually getting larger? icon_question.gif
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That's a good idea. This is what I laid on the thinner gauge metal and I put a slant to it to move the heat to the middle. It made a huge difference. Next I'll make a heavy gauge piece to take the place of this mess that will essentially do the same thing.

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Is this the 30" MES you're talking about? I ruined a 1/2 rack of ribs in that corner so now avoid putting stuff there. It would sure be nice if you come up with a final solution to the problem. Looking forward to more of your experiments/conclusions.

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This too is on my fall project smoker list. Thanks for the notes and pics Dave.
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This is on my 40" but I'm sure the 30" has the same issue. I was amazed at the temp difference in that corner. There should be a way to circulate that heat so that it smokes more efficient and at a more level ambient temp inside the entire smoker. I'm thinking another thing that would help is to divert the exhaust from the inside and make it flow more to the center and out. The heat source in this thing is directly below the exhaust. I did this on my OKlahoma Joe and it was amazing the way it leveled out the temp. Gonna have to mess with this idea also.
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Another thing you might try is laying a firebrick on the heating source, it would still put out heat but not direct, just radiating...
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I've said the same thing before. I think the MES is great for the price, but it could've been designed a little better/differently for little to no additional cost.
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Any recent Update?
\I am new here, just bought an MES this week. Wanted to know if there is a simple mod to even the temps out.

Question: If the problem is that the heat and exhaust are on the same side, could I just cover the right half of the bottom rack with foil to force the hot air to cross the unit?
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Ron came up with a solution that I've been using and happy with. I lay a ceramic tile in the corner over the chip plate. Simple and seems to do the job.
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I use the large foil roasting pans and bend the edges so it fits the hot spot corner snug and it also functions as my drip pan.

I like the idea of a more permanent fix though, glad I saw this thread. Thanks!
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What size Tile?
I have a 12x12in Granite tile that I use as a spare cutting surface. I wonder if that would work. Or are you using something smaller?
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I use a 12x12 in mine on the 40'. If that don't fit just cut one to size.

Good luck!
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Just checked on the 30.
12x12 is too big. Covers all the way to front and leaves only about 1-2 in on left side.

I think I will try 10x10 or 6x6.
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The one I use is a 4 X 6
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So, do you run that 6" wide across the back or 6" front to back?
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Across the back.
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