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That's one great looking load of meat! You'd best be careful, I don't live that far from you.biggrin.gif
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Great job there Dutch and I'm glad your on your feet after the surgery. The ribs look great so enjoy that lang. How long did you smoke on that Gosm so I can see how long I will have to wait for my lang.
post #23 of 35's a helluva drug. I got an up klose (sorry) look at a Lang yesterday...nice pit,
but I could see why the guy was charging $5.50 for a chopped pork sammich...

I have pit envy now.

(I bought the $3.00 sammich from the guy cooking in an old furnace tank..t'was good too.)
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congrat's on your new smoker Dutch,great Qview too.

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Kool Dutch, I was just asking in chat if you were back and getting around...I guess you didn't miss a beat....the smoke looks great, I hope you enjoy it for years to come.
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Impressive pictures Dutch! Congrats on the new smoker and a sucessful surgery!
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That is a sweet smoker there Dutch! Great first cook!
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Glad you are getting around. Congratulations on the Lang, hope you enjoy it!
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How long were the ribs on the smoker? I am struggling with perfecting "off the bone" with my char-griller pro w/sfb.


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Glad you are back in the saddle Dutch. Enjoy the Lang!
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All the best. Dutch...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Was cooking on the GOSM for about 5 years. . .

Ted, I had the ribs on the smoker for a little over 5 hours.
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Wow, great looking Q you got there Dutch. Looks like the beginning of a great smoking time.
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Mighty tastie looking fixins Dutch!!
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Good looking Q you got there Dutch.

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