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smooker question

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I just got a commercial food warming oven for FREE!!!! I thought I might be able to modify it into a smoker. But I need some help. Not sure what I need to do. It has a little box that goes in the bottom of the box with am element. I would prefer to change it over to a propane style smoker. this commerial warming oven looks like a large frig, it's about 7 feet tall. Any ideas that you all may have would be great.
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If you could post some pictures of it I am sure that there are members here that can give you lots of ideas...
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It's already a wattburner, and prolly capable of perhaps 200 degrees. Might just look into increasing that a bit and call it a day...err smoker.
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I have a "homebrew" and have struggled a bit with the burner issue. I may tinker with an electric element in addition to a gas burner so I can have a set it and leave it with a controller, it would be a bit safer.

If you are set on a gasser I would have to suggest Thats the way I am probably going to go. If I had done it up front I would have been Money and time ahead. I have talked to someone out there dand he seemed real knowledgable about his products.
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