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First smoke on new USD Q-View

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Spare ribs trimmed St Louis style. Covered in mustard and lightly rubbed. Smoked @ about 230* for 7.5 hours until thickest part measured 190*. No foil, I didn't want it fall off the bone and it turned out perfect. I love the new drum, so much more flavor than with the electric smoker and easier to use.

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Nice! Looks like they turned out good. Why did you take them to 190?
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They look great... Congratulations...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks pretty darn good to me!!! Great job!! You have pics of the UDS?
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Nice and meaty ribs, they look great!
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Looks great. Were those ribs injected by Hormel?
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Those look great!I am thinking on making me an UDS.You have any pics of that also?
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Looks great but Hormel packaged ribs usually have stuff injected in them that gives them a hammy taste. Next time try to get some that don't have that "enhanced" stuff in them.
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First off, very nice ribs, glad you like the UDS.

Now, I challenge you, 210, naked or lightly dusted, 5.5-6.0 hours, cook to time, not to temp.
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Man Those look good so meaty and juicy. Great Job there Littlechief
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I thought I had read that here somewhere but now I cant find it. It was something like done @ 170* but more tender @ 190-200*. Did there used to be a Sticky for pork ribs? What is the correct temp?
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Yep, here's the thread with the pics.
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They're done when they're done, cook by time and not so much temp, you'll enjoy your cooking more when you stop worrying so much about finishing temperature.
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