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Pork Shoulder & Chuckie pre-weekend smoke

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So I've got friends coming over next weekend for a smoke out. I've been on the road for a month and was feeling about rusty, so I fired up the smoker for a test run.

For your viewing pleasure, we've got a 7lb. bone in pork shoulder and a small chuck roast that I was smoking for a friend.

On the grill at 7:00 pm. Sneaking a peak at 6 hours. Temps on both were at 145. After 6 hours, I moved them to the oven for the rest of the night. Sorry guys, I'm not that die hard about keeping the smoker fed for 14 hrs on a week night.

The chuck roast hit 190 at 14 hours!.

Good look at the smoke ring on the chuck roast.

Side note here. If you are a newby like me and question the legitimacy of the "thin blue smoke"; This was after six hours of very light smoke. I was actually worried that it wouldn't be enough the smoke was so light. I was shocked to see the depth of the smoke ring.

Pulled the pork at 200 after 15 hours.

She fell right off the bone and looked great when I opened it up.

Pulled and ready to devour.

Sadly, the chuckie was a bit lean. The taste was good, but the meat was way dry. I felt bad sending it back to my friends that way, but it was their cut of meat, so I didn't really have much control over it. I sent them some of the pork to make up for it.

This was a nice refresher for next weekend and definitely confirmed that a little smoke goes a long way.

Thanks for looking!
Adam C
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Great Q view my friend. Now you know the meaning of TBS. It's all good my friend.
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif sorry to hear the chucky was dry
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Sorry about the chuckie but you can still pull it cann't you or didi you slice it all. If not throw some BBq sauce on it serve it up. Butt then you have the butt to serve get the praise for the cook. Oh shucks this was just a test smoke ok Never Mind.
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Great Qview, It all looks fabulous sorry to hear it was dry...
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They both look delicious! Nice job.
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They both look fantastic!!! Can't deny that smoke ring...well done!!!

As for the chuckie being a bit on the dry side, you can help that by adding some liquids to the foil before you close it up. I like to add a fruit will aid in tenderization with the available acids, as well as add moisture to the pouch to help prevent drying.

Also, be sure the foil is tightly closed...some folks double wrap just to be sure, and that will help prevent the foil from tearing open if it gets a bit of rough handling or contacts sharp edges, or if bones are trying to poke holes from the inside out.

Nice smoke!!!

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I'm thawing a chuckie as we speak to throw on in the morning.. It'll be my first chuck roast.. Below is the cut of meat. Think I should wrap in foil at around 165 with some juice to keep it moist? Also what's a good guideline of hours per pound for one of these, and should I pull it off to rest at 195-200 like a pork butt?

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Hello Blackened. You have a nice marbled cut of meat there. Most folks here like to foil it and add some liquids around 160, so you can't go wrong with that method.

My chuckie had zero fat in the middle, but again, someone else was asking me to throw it on for them, so I had no control over that. I put a drip pan under the chuckie and had no juices in the pan after 6 hours of cooking. I'm sure I could have figured something out, but didn't anticipate that problem.

As far as time frame, it took me 14 hours to hit 190. This was my second chuck and both times, I've been over 12 hours. This was maybe 3 lbs, bone included. But, I don't foil, so I'm sure that extends my cooking length.

Good luck,
Adam C
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Thanks for the tips Adam, I'll make sure and get it on early in the morning..
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