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Freezing pulled pork

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I want to make some pulled pork for a tailgate party. Only thing is that the only day I have time to make it is a week earlier (on Sun). Will it keep in the frigid for a week or do I need to freeze it?
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I would put it in vacuum seal bags then freeze. A week is a bit too long without. Just take it out early the day before needed, thaw then reheat in a pan of simmering water.
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Do exactly as Bassman suggests, AND you will be amazed how it tastes even better after freezing! It's some kind of geophysical/chemical/biological miracle. Good stuff.
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I would put it in a vaccum sealer bag just remember to put some of the liquid in with it before you freeze it. That will help with the thaw and keep the meat moist during the re-heat .
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Yep, as above ^^^ it alot. Use all your pan/foil juices...remove the fat if you like by chilling the liquids first, then skin it off.

Don't sweat the gel in the will notice this when it gets chilled well...that's some of the good stuff from the low & slow adds alot to texture, moisture and natural flavoring.

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It freezes great if doing a bunch I do mine a bit different tho. I freeze it in Ziplock bags if its only a week then I defrost and place it all into a disposable aluminum roasting pan and mix in some finishing sauce or a little apple juice then mix it up and foil the top tight. I then either reheat in the oven or in the smoker.
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Thanks for all of the input. Cant wait to see how it works out.
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Excellent information all of it, won't add a thing to it. I'll just support what the others have told ya! Good luck an enjoy!
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One more question, Do I freeze it with or without BBQ sauce?
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BBQ sauce? Sacralige! Well, if yall really feel the need fer sauce, I'd put it on after ya rewarm it.
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BBQ sauce (yuck) or finishing sauce (yum) ?
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