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Capicola Part 2 With Q/View

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First part is here.

Carol wanted Capicola so that is what it will be.

Unwrapped tonight. I was going to do it last night but it got too late. If it was a butt or chuck I would have and left it in all night, this is too temperature sensitive and needs to be pulled out at the right temp, no room for mistakes.

In the smoker with my rice from the other night to further cook and smoke, as it was a bit crunchy, just added water to it.

Looks pretty bad and is thundering, damned monsoons, every night lately.

My arsenal.

Over my left shoulder, I feel I am in a cockpit with all the

I will keep you updated, been a while since I done one. The whole process takes about 4 -5 days between the curing, smoking, then the cooling to slice, but it is worth it. I won't be able to slice until tomorrow night.

Stay tuned and thanks for watching.
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Looking good Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Can't wait to see this.Are you mixing/drinking beer and v-8.
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Rice is good.

Turned out great.

155' and done.

Really juicy and ready for slicing tomorrow.

Stay tuned.
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looks nice and moist Ron, I'll be looking forward to the sliced-view.
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mmmm spicey !!
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You making red beers ron my roomate was addicted to that
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Everything look fabulous as usual but I mite have to eat a little more then that to try. Maybe a sandwich or two. But great job and I'll stop in fr the sliced view tomorrow.
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where do you get a piece of meat that size? and how much abouts did it cost ron? ohh and you made me really think what the hell really is cappicola?
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I think it is pork sholder....cured and smoked
How much Beer/ V8 ron?
Rum and coke work? lolicon_rolleyes.gif
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Looks great, though being an I-Talian from new York it looks nothing like any capicola I have ever seen. Great job. I'll have to give it a try and see how it compares to the "real" thing from up here. I would bet 10x better.

Thanx for the q-view!
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Yeppers get my 2 servings of vegetables that way.tongue.gif

It was just a 8 pound pork butt @ 1.10 a pound.

No rum and coke, jerry, watching my sugar and carb count, and you should be too.biggrin.gif

Well the real thing is probably dry cured for many days, I think I read maybe 2 months. Probably 20 a pound there too.

About 3 /16 thick for breakfast.

Thin sliced for sammies.

I got 14 slabs and 11 bags of sammie meat, not a bad deal for 9 bucks and some labor, er, I meant fun, drinking v-8 and beer.

Thanks for sticking with me for the finish.
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Awesome post ron.Feel better about trying this.I like the work if i get some product for future meals.

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Very good Ron. Nice and juicy!! I hear the rain is hitting you everyday. It should let up in a few weeks.
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Looks like roughly 3 months. Found a really neat blog on it here:

have to dig through his other posts to see the full log of how he did it but worth it.
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Yep, this post meets your usual high standards ...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Ron, you are "The Man"
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I hope so nate.

Yes it is a long process. More than I can do, plus the temp and humidity requiriments. This works great.
Thank you.
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so you put the net on it or did it come that way? never seen one like that.
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