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Dave Piginit Made Me Do It W/Qview

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I got a call from Dave today. He was at his dad's for a huge smoke over the weekend including a whole pig and 10 Sam's Club Rotisserie chickens among other things. He couldn't wait till he got home, so he called me from his lake home.

He could not stop raving about the chickens. He said it was the best chicken he has ever had and thanked me at least 10 times for recomending them to him.

So, on the way home tonight I had to get one.

5 pounds of pure delight, pumped or injected or brined, rubbed, don't what they do to them but they are spectacular. Right out of the package and onto the smoker no prep. Note: it seems hard to get one raw for some folks, but I have no problem after asking the store manager a while ago.

I decided to put a blend of wild rice and brown rice with mushrooms and onions and chicken stock below the chicken to catch the drippings.
I done this last year with some thighs and made some soup with it, man, oh man, good stuff.

Anyway, as I was pre heating the MES it quit on me, I thought oh ****, and turned it off and back on, nothing. I then pulled the plug and did a reset, and it is now working again. I have no idea what happened but hopefully I will make it through this smoke.

More to come.
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Ron those sure look good, I am going to check at some of the local Sam's Clubs here in town to see if they will sell them raw...
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looks great Ron-I need to do chicken.
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I hope you make it Ron, if not do you have a back up plan? (Gasp, not the oven!!)
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No oven, it is still working at about 160' internal now, getting close to take out and enjoy. But, that would have been my back up plan.
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If anyone has an issue with having chicken above sometinng else please read this before questioning this method.

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Great looking chicken Ron, and I also like the idea of how you make the soup. Congrats buddy.
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What do you mean by samsclub chickens? you mean the 2 packs they sell?
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The ones that they cook on the Rotisserie near the meat department. You have to ask for them raw.

Pics coming up.
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Whats the difference?

My bro in law buys his yard birds from Sams club but I think he said they are bulk, like 6 in a case and usually 5 plus pounds. How much are they charging for the raw ones up by the cooker?
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They might be the same, There are 10 in a case here all rubbed and injected @ 5.00 a piece.

Looking god already.

All done.

Rice is a little crunchy, but I can fix that with some further cooking, very tasty.

I wasn't real hungry last night but I ate the wings, very moist.

Good to the last nibble.

Carol's tonight, she had some rice today and just wanted a snack now.

Here is what the breast looks like, mmm,, mmm, good.

Thanks for watching.
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Shweeeeeet! I now know how good these things are. Plate full of bones... your killin me.
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ron you had to buy 10 of them?
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No.... Ron has a way of sweet talkin the butcher. He gets to buy them one at a time.
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Nice smoke man..... Was looking for the window shot though!biggrin.gif
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First off I would NEVER question anything you say Ron. I always take it as the bible. So I'm lucky I hope because we have 3-4 sam's in town and I will try all of them if I have too to get some raw. Wish Me luck.
PS I did fine that Yeshida sauce.
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A little jealous there buddy?icon_smile.gif

I forgot to clean it BEFORE starting the smoker.

Glad you found the Youshidas, hope you like it.
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