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Corned Beef Hash

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I just changed out the water for the corned beef I am soaking and plan on smoking this weekend. Aside from slicing for rubens, I was thinking about making some corned beef hash - anyone have a recipe they care to share?
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Technically once you smoke a corned beef it will become pastrami, one of my favorite leftover favorites is pastrami hash.
I had one posted on here but it wasn't a very good thread, mostly because I had to use frozen seasoned fries instead of potatoes because I was all out.

Basically just cube some potatoes and boil for 20-30 minutes until soft, almost fork tender but you want a little more firmness than that.
Mince as much onion as you like, heat a skillet (cast iron works best) and add the potatoes and onion with oil-olive oil is my preference but regular vegetable oil has a much higher smoking temp, when in the pan cook for about 10 minutes and add your pastrami, stir and place a weight or another skillet on top to keep all ingredients pressed down even, when browned on the bottom flip and either add the weight back on top till cooked to your liking or what I like to do is form a couple of wells in the mixture and crack an egg in each one but you could alwayd just cook your eggs separately and add to the top once done.

*Oh, and add salt and pepper during the cooking process, some also like to add minced garlic but with my hash I don't.
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Yeah.... I know... pastrami....

Thanks for the recipe - I was looking on line and it seemed pretty basic - just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something....
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Bob Evans Home Fries are a good substitute if you need to save some time. I use them in my cheesy potatoes and everyone who has had them begs me for the recipie. I've been toying with the idea of smoking a batch of cheesy toes!!What do you think?
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Now that sounds good!..
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I use the following 2 recipes for my Corned beef and Hash. I actually make mine with pickled pork tho.

and then the leftovers for the hash:
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My recipe

I either use a hand grinder, or in a rush the food processor to grind down the chunks of cooked corned beef.

I cube and parcook the potatoes.

I melt some butter, or use oil in the pan, and sautee up some red onions, then add the potatoes to brown, then add the ground corned beef, heat through, and either serve as a dinner dish with some garlic bread, or a breakfast dish with a couple sunnyside up eggs on top.
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Thanks you ellymae for asking this question I make my own corned beef also and the wife lives corned beef hash and now it have a bunch of recipes. Thanks again.
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lol... guess I am lazy. Instead of parboiling the potatoes, I just dice them very small 1/4 square or smaller. Gives a nice texture without turning to mush or anything.

Other than that onions, S&P, garlic powder, touch of paprika, and I like to kick it up a tad with a little cayan powder.
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Better yet.
Send the corned beef to me, I'll make the hash and send it back. No, that won't work. I'll just eat it and tell you about the finished product.
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