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types of pork for pulling

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OK I know that this has been tossed around before but my question is do most use Boston butts for pulling or would you go with just a cheap cut of pork, just the other day Sam's club had pork loins for a $1.38 lb butts were $1.28 would loin make better pulled pork or Butts.....
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The loins are too lean and will be dry. Loins are best used for slicing or canadian bacon.

Butts rule for pulling.
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What ron said. I'd go with a bone in butt for pulled pork. To make it pull nicely, you really need to take the cooked internal temp up to around 200-205. If you cook a loin that long it'll be way overcooked.

But loins are good. And lots of references on this site.
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i think i may do a butt this weekend. Im thinking injecting it with some honey.... yeahhhhh
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As Ron man said, loins are great for slicing or curing, I do my loins to about 145 and they are ever so tender.
Boston butts are really expensive around here (if I can even find them) so 99% of the time I go with a picnic that I can get for $.79lb and it also makes for some excellent pp.
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Boston butt or pork cushion meat will work also if you can find it.
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What's the real difference between a butt and a picnic? I've always used the butts.
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Location and name...

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About ten years ago i did a 16 pound full shoulder.Has both meats paul posted.If you ever do this you will see the differece in meat....
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I like pulling my pork with a nice butt.
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I like a bone in butt for pulling it just works really good so why change a good thing. I like fresh hams for slicing.
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