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Pastrami and Corn beef

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I have been a slacker lately at posting my ventures so I figured I would get back at it with my project I have going now.
I started this a week ago Saturday with a 16lb. full packer brisket, sorry I dint take a shot of that. I separated the point from the flat. trimmed the fat and put it in brine to corn for a week. I used the corn beef recipe out of Rytek's book but split the cure between insta cure and tenderquick. plus I ad fresh garlic.
I took it out of the brine today, rinsed and soaked it twice, did a fry test and off to be prepped, the point is going to be slow roasted in my Altoshaam to 180* and thin sliced for deli corn beef sammies.
the flat is getting prepped with a rub of crushed black pepper, garlic, corriander and hungarian sweet paprika. it will be smoked over cherry and apple till it hits 160* then foiled and put in the altoshaam til it hits 180*. It too will get thinly sliced for deli sammies. of course both will have some sliced off hot for the wife and I.
heres some pics of the prep.
more to come.

the flat

the point

the point seasoned and ready for foil

the flat seasoned and ready for smoke

the point in its home for about the next 6 hrs.

cherry and apple

the flat in the smoker over that cherry and apple
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I have never been a corned beef fan but I love Hot Pastrami with Sauerkraut and Melted Swiss Cheese on Pumpernickel Bread... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I love both, hot or cold, strami on pumpernickel is to die for
I started something with my deli meats when I did, Ham, italian beef, turkey Pastrami and corned beef for my daughters bridal shower.
now all the ladies in her bridal party want Uncle Lar's Deli meats for the wedding day luncheon while they are getting ready. oct 3 is the big day
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How did you do your Italian Beef if you don't mind my asking? I would love a recipe, the wife and I were talking about making some last night...

We used to have a guy around here that made Italian Beef sandwiches with onion and bell peppers that was to die for. We would buy them by the dozen from him and freeze them, sadly he is gone now...
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Sounds great. Looking forward to the finished results.
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Sounds like you got a good thing going.
Be sure to let us know how they come out, especially the one getting loving kisses of smoke.
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3 hrs in sitting at 135*
threw some all beef kosher dogs on just for the fun of it!

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I use sirloin tip.
I take my seasoning, garlic,onion, green peppers, oregano, italian seasoning and a touch of sweet basil and add them to a couple cans of beef broth and same amount of water and simmer on low for about 2 hours
strain and refrigerate over night.
I then use that marinade to inject the tip roast and ad it to the pan below the roast on a rack
I then rub the roast with a samll amount of the same seasonings and slow roast the sirloin in my Altoshaam oven at 225* until it is 135* if you want a smoked version you can put it in the smoker over some hickory @ 225* until it hits 135* dont go hotter or you will dry it out , a sirloin doesnt have the fat marbel to haddle hight heat.
take out and cool over night. save juice .
I then thinly slice the beef add the juice and some fresh peppers and onion and heat in a roaster til hot. or you can have cold sammies or stack it on a roll topped with provolone and peppers and broil .
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5 hrs and I pulled it at 160* spritzed, foiled and into the altoshaam with the corned beef which is at 170*
both come out at 185 or so.
the cherry smoked dogs were superb!
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Very nice post and excellent pastrami. You really left us hanging without pics of your dogs!.....Onion? Sauerkraut? What kinds of mustards? Buns? *sniff*

We wanted to know! icon_cry.gif
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Nice Job.All looks excellent.
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Thanks Lar, Will try it and see how we do...
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Sorry I didnt take pics of the plated Dogs
Onion, Mustard, mayo, tomato and Cucumber on regular dog buns.
fresh tomato onion and Cuke out of the garden
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Man thats one good looking pastrami there uncle larry. I have made my own corned beef a few times and it was fabulous but now to smoke it for pastrami sounds and I know will be very good. I have smoked a store bought corned beef and it was really good and I have brined my own corned beef it only goes that the next step is to make a pastremi totally from scatch. Thanks for the little nudge.
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