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Mustard v. Soy Sauce v. ?

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What do you guys prefer under your dry pork rubs? Mustard, soy sauce, stir fry sauce, olive oil, something else?

I generally use plain yellow mustard or stir fry sauce, but I'm making some pork spare ribs ribs tomorrow and I'm thinking about soy sauce or possibly something else. I'm thinking soy sauce should impart some umami flavor, which makes foods taste much richer, and from what I can tell (taste/smell) is one of McDonalds secret ingredients. icon_smile.gif The buns and meat has unusual hints of soysauce, at least in my opinion.
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I dont norm use anything. The moisture from the meat works for me.

I have used soy sauce, Yoshida's, EVOO. The Yoshida's added a little when I used Pineapple OJ as my mom. But besides that I do get much flavor from the rest so I just apply the rub naked.

I let it turn colors showing that its absorbed the moisture from the meat then apply a second coat.
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this is the best thing i've found right here:

the orginial recipe calls for hot sauce - i substituted worcestershire sauce but i bet soy would be very good as well.

also, my mop that i generally use contains soy sauce; nothing sets meat off like that, but it can also be voer-used.
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I always use olive oil, less messy than mustard and works perfectly fine for holding on the rub.
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I'm with brian on this on I use the juice in the meat to hold on my rub. I have tried mustard on a butt and it works but I it's a step that I find to be basicly not a nessacery for the rub to stick.
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wasabi mustard
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Just the moisture from the meat is good enough for me.
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What he said.

Take the meat out of the package and rinse it off. Plenty of moisture on the meat for the rub to stick then.

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If you were thinking about soy anyway, you might want to try some ponzu sauce....basically a citrus soy sauce. Tastes like it has lemon, lime, and a little orange in it. That might be a nice little diversion.
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I use mustard most the time but sometimes I use worchestershire sauce. I like the finishing flavour. I must admit that I have never thought of using soy sauce, it has a lot of salt in it.
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I use evoo, then apply the rub. When I take the meat back out of the fridge to put it on the smoker, then I apply another coating of the rub.
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6 soy sauce has way to much sodium & if i use anything at all it is a horseradish mustard
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gnubee - i had similar concerns so i use low-sodium soy sauce; then, i discovered ponzu, which has even less sodium.

for all of those who use mustard sometimes, and worsty/soy etc. other times, try making a slather with mustard as the base, but adding other ingredinents (worsty, soy, hot sauce etc.); it works very well.
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Couldn't you just take the salt out of your rub and it would equal out?

I'm trying soy sauce right now on some ribs... we'll see! My rub didn't have hardly any salt in it this time because of the soy.

Spritzing with an apple cider vinegar and bourbon mix, just fyi. icon_mrgreen.gif
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good luck keep us posted thanks
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I gotta say, the soy sauce worked out pretty well. It did have a different taste than mustard, not better, just different. Or should I say, equally delicious.

My wife said they were the best ribs I've made yet! That could have been just because I used a more sugary rub, which she prefers.

I'm definitely gonna try soy sauce again with a different rub.
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Try Youshidas soy available at some Sam's clubs, it is thick and all I ever use. It is also very good for searing and get a nice bark.
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I use cheap yellow mustard. Just because its cheap.
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Someone once posted to use some coffee grounds in your rub for a unique and nice flavour. I was going to try it but never got around to it.
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