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Planned on smoking a butt to pull for the holiday. Wife thought she was doing me a favor and brought home a loin I think, this thing is like 18" long but is labeled pork roast and weighs just over 9 lbs?. Question is can I pull this like a butt or shoulder? What difference will there be if any between the cuts of meat?
Thanks, Jim
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Pork loin is to lean to take to high temps in my opinion.
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Loin is too lean for pulling, it is mainly for slicing at 140' 150' internal. It will be dry otherwise.

Good luck!
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Hi Jimmy, don't forget to introduce yourself to everyone in the Roll Call thread.

Looks like Ron & Jerry got your question covered...
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Yep... you don't want to take that thing anywhere over 150. Massage some EVO on that thing... sprinkle with some pepper and salt and smoke away. If you want something more challenging with it.... slice it open and stuff it with some baby spinach, feta, black olives and some pesto... lotsa good eatin. The bad thing is you were expecting butt... the good thing is... lotsa good eatin and it won't take nearly as long to cook. Take pics.
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I'm with Ron on this one...definitely a slicer, and not past 150. You may want to consider an overnight brine to help keep it nice and juicy.

Good Luck!
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One thing you might want to try is to pit your rub on and then put a couple of bacon strips over the loin and it will help keep it moist. Then like Ron said take it to about 150 and not much farther. So enjoy and we will see you next in Roll Call and properly introduce yourself.
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That's the wonderful thing about meat, it's all good!
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Grill it up!

I have never smoked a loin, but I know they are great when grilled with indirect heat. I found a rub on the internet that contains mustard, brown sugar and a few spices. I throw a chimney of charcoal in the grill, sear it up, and let it cook indirectly for a while. Usually it takes about 1.5-2 hours to cook depending on thickness. It always gets rave reviews. Like everyone else has noted, do not overcook it. If you pull it at 150-160, it will be the juiciest pork you have ever eaten.
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But for now go to the store and buy a butt.
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