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butt injection ?

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hi guys,
just wondering do any of yawl inject boston butts , if so what are some of the ingredeints.
thanks from middle ga.
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I never have myself.I just always have put a rub on the night before I smoke..Am sure some one will come along that has done that..Sorry I could be of any help good luck on your smoke..
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Yep.I dont have recipe handy but i like Big Bob Gibsons.It has apple juice/cider some herbs and salt and some suger.You do this overnight and it is awesome.....If you foil the butt-I like to inject the foil juice back into butt and let rest a few hours...
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Yes! A sweet (sugar er such), some of the rub ya use, cider, vinegar. There are several recipes on a google search, like anythin else in the craft, try some different ones an change em up ta yer likin! Does make a difference!
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Have several times.

Bitter Orange

Mojo Crillio

Butter/Garlic Mixture

All were quite tasty.
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I have made my own. But being that cajun injector is just up the road from our place we use alot of their products.
Best hint i've heard about injecting any meat is to apply rub , Wrap tightly w/ plastic wrap inject through the plastic wrap. This cuts down on leakage and waste of your injection. Do this the night b4 smoking. When you pull the meat out of the fridge to smoke. Unwrap meat reapply rub and it's SMOKER TIME!
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