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ABTs reheatable?

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I take a bunch of Q into work every so often. I've thought about doing ABTs, but I don't know how to reheat them, or if they can be reheated without major loss of appeal.

Anybody have any thoughts?

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Yes they are re-heatable. Just throw them in the mirco with a paper towel over them or if you have a pasta pot you can stream them hot.
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Oh, you betcha! What Mballi said...they reheat like a dream, but watch know how hot the pepper can get compared to the filling if you're doing the microwave.
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I have reheated them both in the microwave and on the smoker, love to reheat them on the smoker but nuclearizer works as well.
I have to figure the oven would work too but never tried them that way.
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They never make it to anything to reheat. I eat em cold right out of the fridge. I love em. Actually I have cut them up and put them in eggs but honestly.... I love em cold too!
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I put them in the toaster like a charm!
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You Had Leftovers??? Must have Made A Lot... LOLicon_mrgreen.gif
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That's what we do. 325ยบ for around 10 to 15 minutes.
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yup toaster oven here also.
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Several of us at work bring in weekend smoked leftovers regularly, we always use a toaster oven to reheat everything. Works just fine.
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All good advice - oven, nuker, or cold - they all work
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Thanks for all the replies. No toaster oven available, but I'll give the nuker a shot. I'm sure some of the guys will be perfectly happy eating them cold, too.
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they are ALWAYS hot the second day....!!!

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i havent tried these yet but am intrigued.

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