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Short Ribs, Finally

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Got some short ribs, finally, at Sam's Club. One package was $2.08 lb the other one was $2.88 lb.

Thought they were thick but they are in two layers. Took one layer from a package and put it in the freezer for future use. They are mine. icon_mrgreen.gif I'll smoke them when hubby and the kids are camping over a weekend. Rubbed them with evoo and my rub.

I'm using the brinkmann as a woodburner again. Mikey had suggested that I start doing this to practice for when I finally get my Bandera. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. This time I'm using strictly cherry. Keeping temp between 230-250 as much as possible.

Almost done. Pic is darker than they really are.

Done. They were smoked for about 3 hrs.

Threw some local corn on after taking the short ribs off. Took off most of the husks and just put them in the smoker. Done in about 1 1/2 hrs.

Dinner is ready.

The short ribs are outstanding! I have a new favorite. icon_mrgreen.gif The kids loved everything. Hubby is still at work.
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I've never tried these but ALMOST picked some up at the store tonight for this weekend. What do they taste like? Is there a way to compare them to something?

Your's look great.

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They taste like beef ribs, but seem to have a lot more meat and are easier to eat for the kids.
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Another winner smoke.It took me many years to appreciate my moms home cooking and i am sure your kids will too...Yep, when we "boys" go camping for a week- the "girls" love it.

Great looking meal.points.gif
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Cut thin like that they're also know as 'flanken' and can come off the english roast cross ribs or off plate beef too. With their lacings of fat they're juicy and tender when cooked slow so the connective tissue breaks down and have a 'pot roast' kind of flavor (plus rub too!). Those look absolutely delicious and great job!
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Thank you for that info!
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Good for you...................;}-

Stick Burners Rule!!!!!
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Those look amazing! Yet another thing to put on the list (assuming I am able to find that particular cut around my parts).
Nothing better than BBQing and having a chunk of meat you could just pick up and enjoy on such a level that vegetarians can't even imagine...
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Good looking short ribs, Dawn. I've seen them at Sam's and also the little blocky ones with more meat on them. I'll have to give them a try.
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Dawn, you've discovered a great thing in short ribs, they are my favourite. If you get the chance, give them a try a bit thicker, say 2 inches, and you will be hooked! Congratulations on a wonderful smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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These were the first ones I've seen. I can highly recommend them!
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short ribs?

around here there called korean style ribs.and they are also great in a crock pot.just like pot roast. I have blackened them for a really different taste. those looked like they were great, good job.
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I absolutely love beef short ribs, plain and simple. I get great deals at Cub Foods every so often. On the offset @ 220° for maybe 6 hours on my rig, with just salt, CBP and garlic powder. Yummy!!

Ya know, I had never really even thought about beef short ribs until about a year ago....Dawn turned me on to them with her que view icon_redface.gif

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I would call those Cross Cut Ribs. Never seen a Short Rib like that. confused.gif
Ours are usually in the 2 to 3 inch long range and fairly meaty. Actually when we first saw those Cross Cuts, we thought the butcher had screwed up icon_mrgreen.gif

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"I would call those Cross Cut Ribs. Never seen a Short Rib like that. confused.gif
Ours are usually in the 2 to 3 inch long range and fairly meaty. Actually when we first saw those Cross Cuts, we thought the butcher had screwed up icon_mrgreen.gif"

I don't know about the different cuts, I just go by what's on the package.
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I understand totally. Butchers screw up all the time.

These were marked "soup bones" one time icon_mrgreen.gif
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We always have short ribs in our freezer. dawn those look great for the masses and they do taste like beef ribs too. I have another recipe for braised short ribs with chipotles thats really good too. Great job with those.
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Very impressive, Dawn. It appears that you have caught on to good fire management. The practice time with the Brinkmann will pay many dividends when you get your BanderaPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Exactly this flanken cross cut rib is often used for Korean BBQ or Kalbi. Marinated for a day or two these ribs come out great on the grill. Not fall off the bone tender but very tasty.

It's interesting because when I wanted to make Kalbi I could not find the flanken style ribs anywhere. I ended up doing a roll cut on a English cut rib. I have since found them at an Asian market and these were sliced a half an inch thick which is perfect for Kalbi but also found this cut in a Mexican market but they were a little over an inch thick.

It's sad because we really have so few real butchers now. I asked the guy at the grocrery store if he could get me or cut me some flanken style ribs. "Sorry" he said "we only get them one way".
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