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Fatty questions

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I am planning on doing my first fattie this weekend. I want to do a breakfast fattie with scrambled eggs, cheese and green peppers. If I use a pound of sausage, How many eggs should I scramble to fill it? Also do you put the therm. probe into the middle or do you try to get it just into the sausage? Thanks!!
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I honestly don't know how many eggs because I never make just one fatty biggrin.gif I try to get the probe close to the center but still in the meat but of course thats hard to judge
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It really depends on how "fat" you want it. Anywhere from 2 to 4 eggs.

I insert my probe on the end, and try and get the tip as near the center as possible.

Good luck, I am sure you are going to be as addicted as the rest of us PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I would say 3 for a 1 pounder. I whisk mine with a little milk to make them fluffier.
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I'm with the dude on this one about 3 maybe 4 if you want it really full. I would put them in a bowl with some milk and whick them for the fluffies. then do as you will with the rest. Don't foget the Qview.
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Here's a decent one to look at that I did that had 3 eggs in it. There's a nice little rolling tutorial if you need help with that part.

I usually don't probe my fatties (but I did in the one posted above). I just make sure that I'm 250 or so at grate temp and go for about 3 hours.
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Thank you all for the response!! I am giving it a go tomorrow at the lake so we will see.

The Dude Abides thanks for the very informative link!!
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No worries. Happy to help when I can. Now just be sure to take some pictures and show us how it all turned out.
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Try a little cream cheese in those scrambled eggs. About a teaspoon per egg. Shweeeet!
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