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Help, I’m desperate!

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To smoke some ribs.

All of the time I’m looking at your rib smokes and drooling, as of yet I haven’t smoked any because if I buy a couple of racks they are already marinaded, to have them unseasoned I have to buy a 10 kg case of frozen ribs and I don’t have the room for that much meat in my freezer.

Sooo, can I substitute the échine de porc, here is what I found on the web to define échine de porc:

"échine" is the part on the back of the animal, between the neck and the fist ribs, above the shoulder.
This part can be roasted or braised, as well as grilled or pan-seared when sliced into steaks.
Pretty fatty, so not as dry as the "filet". Flavourful. But not exactly the top part of the pig though.

Meat cutters, will it work? It’s the cheapest cut of pork we have here and it’s about 3/8 of an inch thick and the size of a small pork chop or is there something else beside a butt ($4.75/lb) that will work?

In going back and reading what is said in the definition, “when sliced into steaks,” does that mean it is a large piece of meat that has been sliced?

Thanks for your help,

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Aloha Gene

By any chance, is there a fancy hotel nearby where you can make friends with the executive chef to get him to let you buy some racks off of him? (Assuming there is a market for ribs at the hotel restaurant).. Just a thought....
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Sure, it's the equivalent to the end cut of chuck roast just before the neck meat on a steer. It comes off the pork butt underneath the chine (backbone), basically like a country style rib. Should be delicious! The only part of a pig you can't cook is the oink!
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Very nice info there pops. Were you a meat cutter in a past life? Darn just passing thru your along way from home no wonder you cann't get ribs. But I'm glad someone here could help you with your delemma.
PS how are the waves there?
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hi, gene -

i agree with pops; sounds like a country-style rib or very close to it.
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Thanks for the replies,

Poi, you won’t believe this, but the only place that serves ribs is a truck vender, …boiled, smothered in Tony Roma’s sauce and then reheated on a grill, $10 for half a rack.

Pop’s, thanks, you made my day!

Mballi, yeah! I’ll be smokin’ me some fake ribs this weekend, …waves you ask, just google “teahupoo,” or “Billabong Pro.”

Ron, I’m gonna rub them with Pig’s Worst Nightmare and glaze them with the applesauce bbq sauce I saw here, can’t wait for Saturday!

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"…boiled, smothered in Tony Roma’s sauce and then reheated on a grill, $10 for half a rack."

Wow! that's pretty harsh. I'm glad that Pops could provide you with the answer you wanted to hear. Have fun this weekend and don't forget to post q-views.
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Yes, I was brought up in a family meat/grocery store; my dad specialized in smoked meats, learned meatcutting from the time I could get an apron around me. Went on to be a meatcutter, meat manager, District Meat, Deli and Bakery Supervisor for a major northeast chain for 30+ stores for 15 years, 30 years total. Had a back operation and couldn't do it professionally any more, changed gears and now am a Senior store manager for RadioShack here in Fort Worth (cowtown!) for the last 15 years.

The Homestead

Sign on the side of the Building

½ a pig

You can see in the above picture the neck and pork butt, that is the area talked about.
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