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Dropastone, THANKS!

We tried it on some pork chops on the grill, just wanted to tell you it's great, I cut down the brown sugar and added 1/2 tsp nutmeg, everyone really likes it.

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Oh he earns his keep. You have to remember I have a lot of neighbors. I would rather feed Angus than the whole neighborhood.

My dad wants me to build a cart kinda like rickshaw so Angus can pull me around the neighborhood. Now wouldn't that be a site to see.

Glad you liked the sauce. I haven't tried with just a half cup of brown sugar but I will be very soon.
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For that you need one like this PUPPY...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yeah that's Hercules he is a 283 lb world record holder and he is a monster. Mine isn't even half his weight. Although my vet says that Mastiff's will grow up to 5 years and that mine will defiantly be around the 200 lb mark within a year or two. That kinda scares me a little to tell you the truth because he's a little to big for me now. I used to play with him all the time but I rarely do now because he is to rough. He's got paws like a bear and if your not careful he will hurt you.
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Wow looks awesome! Nice mod for the charcoal basket. One suggestion on the sauce recipe. Try unsweetened applesauce next time and hold the level of the brown sugar. My guess is it's the applesauce more than the brown sugar thats making it too sweet.
Also try a little more cayenne or chili powder or cbp next time to give it just a tad more heat that will challenge the sweetness more.
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