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Turkey breast rub and time

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After successfully smoking several chickens my wife wants me to smoke a turkey breast this weekend. Anybody have a good rub recipe? Also wondering about smoking time. Thanks....Brian
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I've smoked a couple turkey rolls for slicing into lunch meat that I've cured and rub down with rosemary, marjoram and sage. It's probably not what you're looking for but it has a nice flavor the compliments the turkey.
Or you might try an onion, garlic, hot pepper rub to kick it up a bit. Good luck!
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I have smoked a bunch of turkey breast and I used to always use Butt Rub and then a new one out by Old Bay it's not the same as the seafood rub it's alot spicer. Now I have Ole Country boy rub thats pretty good. I just use alittle evoo and rub it for overnight then smoke at about 230 and take it to about 170 and then let it rest and then enjoy.
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You may want to consider brining your turkey breast, it will come out a lot juicier than if you don't. I have a 7 lb. breast on the smoker now that I brined in Yuengling lager overnight.icon_mrgreen.gif
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I recently purchased a whole turkey breast on the bone for $0.99/lb at the local grocery store. I think it was about 5 lbs. It was previously injected with a "7% solution" of chicken broth and who knows what else so I didn't feel brining was needed.

I made a rub out of paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper a little dark brown sugar and oregano

I rubbed it and put it into the MES at 275. Didn't use a lot of wood since I only wanted a hint of smoke

4 hrs later it was just hitting 168 and was pulled and rested. Made a nice dinner out of one half and put the other half in the frige for sandwiches through out the week. Once cooled it was easy to slice as then as I like.
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