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This weekend I plan to smoke some chicken and am wanting to to pull it. This will be the first time for pulled chicken. I have smoked whole chickens before and they turned out real good. My ? is what type of chicken would be best for pulling ? whole chickens or Leg Qs or dose it matter. Thanks for any info..
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Wow... What a good question. Sorry I don't have an ansewer. My wife will not eat anything but breast meat but that can get dry. If I was to pull some chicken for myself, I think I would go with thighs. Might have to try that. Good luck!
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The breasts are the easiest to pull and have a lot of meat and no bone or much fat content.. This is what is usually used in chicken enchiladas and othe chicken dishes. I use whole chickens when my wife wants to make smoked chicken salad.
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I did two last summer. Both whole chickens, didn't intend to pull them, but they were so moist and pull apart done, that just seemed to be the logical thing to do with them. I did them on my modified ECB, one with Jeffs rub, and one with Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning. Both were mighty fine.
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I put an hour of smoke on boneless skinless breast pieces, then crock pot them in enchilada sauce until they are pull apart tender. then we shred and put into enchilada's with pepper jack cheese.
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I enjoy whole chickens as well. Once they are fully cooked, 165-170 degrees, they pull very easy. There is a lot of meat in a full chicken, with a variety of textures (white meat, dark meat, etc). I brine my first and they always turn out moist and juicy even after freezing and reheating in the microwave. A lot of people around here like beer can chicken, but I haven't tried it yet.icon_cool.gif
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I do like whole chickens but I have never pulled but I guess you could just shread the meat if you want too.
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Don't really matter, although them whole chickens give ya a variety a meat ta mix tagether. Easy enough ta pull.

It makes super chicken salad sammies er chicken roll ups!
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