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Who wants to do something in Central Illinois?

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Hey all...I'm just putting the feelers out there for those of us in The Land of Lincoln.

Anyone interested in a late Summer / Early Fall Central IL Gathering?!?

It would be great to actually MEET some of you fine folks, and sample eachother's handy-work on the Que! icon_mrgreen.gif

Any interest? Who do we have that's within a few hours of Decatur?!?

I would be willing to travel too, of course, if the general opinion is that it should be upstate / downstate, etc...

I guess the point is, if there is any interest in an Illinois Gathering - let me know either on this thread or PM me.
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Im not too far north of Decatur, maybe an hour from Bloomington. I may be interested baed on date/schedule.
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OK - I'll wait and see about the response, and then I'll just throw some dates out for say....late Sept. / early Oct. and we'll go from there!
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There's a comp in Auther on the 10th of Oct. I'm pretty sure I'm going.

I would really like to do a gathering too, Decatur isn't all that far.
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I go that far just to rescue dogs, wouldn't be a big deal for me either.

What about the State Fair Grounds in Springfield?
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Hmmm - no idea. Is that even possible? I mean, to hold a personal even there?

If the response to this idea isn't overwhelming - I could host at my house. Otherwise, I could host here in Decatur at one of our MANY parks. We have tons of them, and it wouldn't cost anything. I will look into the Springfield idea, though...thanks!
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Damn, Rick! I knew about that comp, and I would have loved attending just to say hello and see how they do it over there - but we have a wedding reception in Springfield that day.

Well - I guess it might be getting too close to cold weather for some, but I'd still be willing to travel an hour or so in any direction if a group of us end up deciding to do this. If not - I'll try and organize something in the Spring.
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I was really hoping some of the members were going. It sure would be nice to meet ya in person Bman.
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I'm still into this!!

When I went to the state fair a few years back I saw tons of picnic tables and what looked like camp grounds inside the park, so that's why I suggested it...

PICK ANY PARK, and i'm in....
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